2013 NCAA® Basketball Tournament Bracket – Ribbon Style


(click the graphic to a bigger image, or just download the full-size PDF NCAA® Basketball Tournament Bracket)

Last year I copied Hyperakt’s radial style tournament bracket, but this year I wanted to come up with my own design. The result is this ribbon-style tournament bracket which takes the usual bracket layout and adds three layers of visual information:

  1. The height of each team’s ribbon represents their seeding: The higher the seed, the taller the ribbon. You can see at a glance whether each game ended in an upset, and Cinderella runs like those by Florida Gulf Coast, Wichita State and La Salle stand out.
  2. The width of each box represents the points scored by the team in that game. Blowouts and close games can be seen at a glance, too.
  3. The color of each ribbon is that team’s official color. Not a big deal, but it looks nice.

The only drawback is that the bracket had to be created at a large scale, otherwise those lowly rated teams wouldn’t show up at all! So, click the top graphic to see a larger image, or download a PDF.





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