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Logo and Menu for The Bar at Rancho Bernardo Inn

When Rancho Bernardo Inn remodeled their sports bar to turn it into a cozier, classier and more stylish place, they needed a graphic design for a new logo and new menus. As you can see, The Bar has classic features like the wingback chairs, paneled walls and a tin ceiling:

The Bar at Rancho Bernardo Inn

The logo for a place known simply as The Bar certainly can’t be fussy and those globe lights inspired this graphic design for its logo:

Graphic design of logo for The Bar logo

The Bar menu pages are printed on kraft-style paper and presented on a small clipboard and have a simple layout using fonts common to other venues at the resort:

Graphic design for bar menu layout

Cenci Ventures Business Card

The folks at Cenci Ventures wanted something special for their business cards: multiple colors, non-standard dimensions, a die-cut, and dots. Somehow all that got thrown into the pot and something cool came out!

Cenci Business Card Back

Cenci Business Card back

The copy is in Century Gothic to coordinate with the logo, but needed some fine-tuning in InDesign to set neatly. For example, the F next to the fax number is a slightly larger point size than the O and C, and the street address is negatively indented (outdented? undented?) to bring the 101 in alignment with the other lines. The word SHIP was letter-spaced to be closer in width to MAIL, but spreading it wider would have looked too weird.