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Syracuse iSchool Recruitment Brochure

This was a project within a project for the iSchool at Syracuse University. They had a layout for a new recruitment brochure, but wanted a creative graphic design for the Table of Contents and for an internal page to show the interconnected nature of different specialties. They wanted both pages to incorporate infographic-style displays.

iSchool Brochure Table of Contents (full)
Here is the full Table of Contents page, with major sections on the left and themes on the right. The colors are from their style guide.


iSchool Brochure Table of Contents (major categories)
The brochure included three primary sections devoted to different levels of study. For the table of contents, the direction was to include various enrollment statistics for undergrad, Master’s and Doctoral levels.
iSchool Brochure Table of Contents (Themes)
The brochure also included themed sections. A variety of customized stock illustrations were used to add interest.

The graphic for the internal page introducing the various fields of study went through a few designs.

iSchool Recruitment Brochure Diagram (1st concept)
The initial diagram was a true infographic, based on course offerings/concepts that overlapped between different programs.


iSchool Recruitment Brochure Diagram (final concept)
The final concept was to use a loosely defined Venn diagram paired with a “wordle.” Rather than being an exact representation, it is more about getting across a general idea.