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Wizard of Oz T-Shirt

The fine folks at Rancho Bernardo Inn are donating their time and energy to walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and they needed a t-shirt designed to reflect this year’s theme of Team Up. The walk uses multi-colored shoes in its branding so I combined them with the team of misfit adventurers from The Wizard of Oz.

Silent Night Space Invaders


Happy Holidays!

I made this in the most laborious way possible, with a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop and iMovie. The music comes from

My Way or The Skyway

Long, long ago, a place called Disneyland had something called the Skyway. This is my humble tribute.

Event Apparel 2

Design based on vintage travel posters for a t-shirt design contest for A Mini Vacation in Vegas.


T-Shirt Design

This is an entry into a design contest for a t-shirt, cap and badge for the 2011 A Mini Vacation in Vegas Event. My design was inspired by the racing stripes Mini owners frequently use to personalize their cars. Obviously, this is the eighth annual event.