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Logo Design for Resort Boutique

Logo for Veranda Boutique at Rancho Bernardo Inn

Veranda Fireside Lounge and Restaurant logoHere’s a little logo I created for Rancho Bernardo Inn’s Veranda Boutique, designed to complement the existing logo for the resort’s adjacent Veranda Fireside Lounge & Restaurant (designed by Sixteenfifty). Also nearby is The Bar, which logo I also designed.

Logo and Menu for The Bar at Rancho Bernardo Inn

When Rancho Bernardo Inn remodeled their sports bar to turn it into a cozier, classier and more stylish place, they needed a graphic design for a new logo and new menus. As you can see, The Bar has classic features like the wingback chairs, paneled walls and a tin ceiling:

The Bar at Rancho Bernardo Inn

The logo for a place known simply as The Bar certainly can’t be fussy and those globe lights inspired this graphic design for its logo:

Graphic design of logo for The Bar logo

The Bar menu pages are printed on kraft-style paper and presented on a small clipboard and have a simple layout using fonts common to other venues at the resort:

Graphic design for bar menu layout